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Junior Dynamics

Have you ever experienced any of the following:
    • Having to ask your child more than once to do something? You’ve asked them to clean their room, but getting them to turn off the tv and do what you’ve asked them multiple times is like pulling teeth.
    • Getting your child to focus on a given task? It’s time for them to do their homework, but all they want to do is play. Perhaps you’ve asked them to get their books and assignments out, but instead, they have their toys all over the living room floor.
    • Making sure your child is paying attention when you’re trying to explain something? You’re trying to have a serious conversation about crossing the street or strangers, and all they can talk about is how Bobby picked his nose at school then ate it. Ever been there?
    • Low Self Esteem? Maybe your child just doesn’t seem motivated or they’re having a hard time believing in themselves. Perhaps they don’t feel they’re good enough or better yet, they’ll never get good grades because they just aren’t smart enough.
    • Having your child act out at school or in public? Have you ever received a phone call or email from a teacher saying your child was acting out in class or playing to aggressively at recess? Maybe you’ve been pulling your hair out because you can’t get your kids to get along at home and not fight.


So many parents that come to us suffer the exact same struggles. Many of them were at a point where they didn’t know what to do or how to help. Truth is, we all want the absolute best for our kids, we want them to succeed, set goals, feel great about themselves but sometimes we as parents need help. Sometimes having a great support system and a team to work with is the answer. Have you ever heard someone say how amazing their child is and all you could think was why not my kid?

We Can Help!

We’ve seen all different types of students, we have even had that “amazing” kid in class. Guess what, that amazing kid WAS amazing, but what their parents didn’t tell their friends was that their child had low self esteem. They were a great listener, could focus on anything and everything, but had a hard time with believing in themselves.

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